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APD is a specialised test and you may have been told that you or your child needs this test done. Call us on 09 217 6944 to find out if this test is right for you or your child. We will discuss any concerns you have before booking you in.

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Appointment time: 90 min - $600 

Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a term for hearing difficulties that result from impaired processing of auditory information in the brain.

It cannot be detected by a diagnostic hearing test which only tests for peripheral hearing. 

APD is estimated to be prevalent in about 6.2% (1 in 20) of children in New Zealand  ( 


If a child has auditory processing disorder (APD), you might notice that they have difficulties with:

  • listening and hearing, especially if there’s a lot of background noise and distractions

  • following instructions (especially multiple verbal instructions)

  • when a signal is not clear or is ‘degraded’ (for example, soft, rapid or distorted

  • staying focused – for example, they might be easily distracted or appear to be day-dreaming. 

  • telling the difference between letters that sound similar, like ‘k’ and ‘g’, or ‘t’ and ‘d’

  • remembering to say the beginning or end sounds of words when they're reading.

APD can often appear as problems with learning, listening and communication, as well as reading and writing. They might make frequent requests for repetition and/or rephrasing of information, saying “what” or “huh” often. 

Children above the age of 7 and adults can have this test. A recent full diagnostic hearing test is a requirement before undertaking an APD test. If this has been done at another provider, please send this via email to 

The test comprises of 6-8 different tasks that evaluate different parts of the Auditory System. Appointments may be split into 1hr appointments across two days. At the end of the appointment, the results will be explained and a report will be prepared.

We understand that not everyone can afford the cost of assessment and the wait time to be seen at a public hospital can be long. Please call to discuss payment options. 

Auditory Processing Assessments: Services

The personal RMHA system is allocated through the Ministry’s assistive technology funding when the student needs this support to overcome their specific barriers to learning. If a student with a diagnosis of APD is learning well, and not receiving additional adult support in class they will not be eligible for this Ministry of Education support.

To be eligible for consideration of a personal RMHA system under the Ministry of Education assistive technology, an individual student must;

  • have a formal diagnosis of APD from a specialised paediatric audiologist.

  • be receiving additional learning support to address their learning needs through one of the Ministry’s services (see below)

  • show that the use of an RMHA system makes a difference to their learning outcomes.

This is a funding option that we can go through in more detail with parents and help you apply. 

Note: Retrospective funding is not available.

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