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Chatu Nelumdeniya and Leanne Ma (Audiologist Auckland) from Family Hearing Centre

Your Independent Audiologists in Auckland

Formerly Oak Hearing

Auckland Audiologists: Restoring Sound and Enriching Lives - Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Audiology Care, serving the Auckland Community!

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Chatu Nelumdeniya - MNZAS, CCC, MAud (Hons), MSc (Hons), BSc

Leanne Ma - MNZAS, CCC, MAud (Hons), BSc

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Independent Audiology in Auckland:
Expert Hearing Care For All Ages

Leanne Ma (Audiologist Auckland) from Family Hearing Centre seeing patient

As your trusted Auckland audiologists, Family Hearing Centre prioritises hearing and ear health, dedicated to delivering family-centric hearing improvement.

We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable hearing care to people of all ages, from infants to seniors. Our comprehensive hearing tests in Auckland include detailed assessments for adults right through to infants. We also offer more specific assessments to address common hearing-related problems such as tinnitus and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Coupled with our extensive hearing evaluation services, we also offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge hearing aids in Auckland. Our expert Auckland audiologists work closely with you to find the perfect solution that suits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you're seeking discreet, high-tech options or durable, reliable models, our selection of hearing aids is designed to enhance your listening experience and improve your quality of life. 

At Family Hearing Centre, we believe that everyone deserves to hear their best. As your local audiologists in Auckland, we offer a personalised approach to hearing care. We take the time to understand your individual needs and goals, and we work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. We also offer a variety of payment options to make hearing care affordable for everyone. 

Open from Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm.

Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Our clinic is located at 371 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023
We are on the corner of Manukau Road and King Edward Avenue.

Auckland Audiologist Services

At our audiology clinic, Family Hearing Centre in Auckland, we take pride in offering a wide range of audiology services designed to enhance your hearing health and overall well-being. 


From specialised solutions like Ear Wax Removal and support for Auditory Processing Disorder to comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aids, and custom ear plugs, we have your needs covered. Each service is delivered with expertise, compassion, and a personalised touch, ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the best possible care. 

Explore our audiology services in Auckland and take the first step toward improved hearing and a better quality of life.

Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Ear Wax Removal

At our Auckland audiology clinic, we offer the best method of ear wax removal - micro-suctioning. Our state-of-the-art micro-suction technology ensures a safe, gentle, and effective ear wax removal process. This method minimises discomfort and reduces the risk of injury compared to traditional techniques. With our expert Auckland audiologists, you can trust that your ear wax removal experience will be quick, painless, and leave you with clearer and healthier ears, allowing you to enjoy the world of sound to its fullest.

Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Hearing Tests

At our Auckland audiology clinic Family Hearing Centre, we provide a range of comprehensive hearing tests for all ages, including full adult diagnostic tests (18+), infant and toddler hearing tests (for 6 months - 5 years old), and child diagnostic hearing tests (for 6-17 years old). We also specialise in Visual Reinforcement Audiometry hearing assessments for young children and offer Tinnitus Consultations. Our expert audiology services in Auckland ensure that every member of your family receives the best care for their unique hearing needs.

Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Auditory Processing Assessments

Our expert Auckland audiologists offer comprehensive Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) assessments to diagnose and address auditory processing challenges. We utilise state-of-the-art testing methods to provide accurate evaluations for all ages, helping individuals overcome communication difficulties. Our hearing and ear clinic in Auckland is your trusted destination for APD assessments, ensuring that you or your loved ones receive the support needed for improved auditory processing and enhanced quality of life.

Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Hearing Aids

At our Auckland audiology clinic, we offer a diverse selection of cutting-edge hearing aids tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced Auckland audiologists at Family Hearing Centre work closely with you to find the perfect solution, whether you seek discreet, high-tech models or durable, reliable options. As your trusted Auckland audiology clinic, we are dedicated to enhancing your auditory capabilities and elevating your quality of life through expert guidance and the provision of exceptional hearing aid solutions.

Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Custom Earplugs

At our Auckland hearing and ear clinic, we provide custom ear plugs for musicians, swimmers, noise protection, and better sleep. Our expert Auckland audiologists craft personalised solutions to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. As your trusted audiology clinic in Auckland, we prioritise your hearing and comfort to enhance your daily life and protect your hearing in any situation.

Find out more about our independently run hearing and ear clinic in Auckland, where we're committed to providing top-quality care. We are your trusted destination in the Auckland community for everything related to hearing and ear health.

Family Hearing Centre Auckland Audiology clinic: Your Family-centric Audiology Clinic, Helping The Whole Family Hear Their Best.

At our Family Hearing Centre Auckland audiology clinic, we are dedicated to helping families in the Auckland community experience the joy of better hearing.

Chatu Nelumdeniya (Audiologist Auckland) from Family Hearing Centre seeing child

We provide comprehensive audiology services that improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages. With a focus on compassionate care and professional expertise, we are your trusted partner in enhancing auditory health.


We are an independent New Zealand owned Auckland audiology clinic, wholeheartedly committed to delivering top-quality hearing care, from infants to seniors, ensuring everyone in your family can enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you're seeking assistance for yourself, a child, or a loved one, we provide a warm and welcoming environment for all.


As passionate Auckland audiologists, we take pride in being an integral part of the Auckland community, helping individuals and families reconnect with the sounds of life. We look forward to being your partner in achieving better hearing and an enhanced quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Auckland Audiology Services and Hearing Health

  • What does an Audiologist help with?
    Audiologists are highly trained healthcare professionals who specialise in diagnosing and treating various hearing and balance disorders. They provide comprehensive services to individuals of all ages, addressing concerns such as hearing loss, Tinnitus, Auditory Processing Disorder, ear wax build-up, and other hearing and ear--related issues. Additionally, they play a crucial role in the selection and fitting of hearing aids, offering support to enhance your hearing and overall well-being. Get in touch with your Family Hearing Centre Auckland audiologist, to discover comprehensive ear health solutions. For more information about our hearing system, read our blog about how we hear the sounds that pass through our ears.
  • Can an Audiologist do a hearing test?
    Yes, audiologists are fully equipped to perform thorough hearing assessments. Our audiology clinic in Auckland offers a wide range of hearing tests for all ages. We utilise a range of advanced diagnostic tools to assess your auditory function and identify any hearing challenges or abnormalities. We are fully set up to conduct hearing tests for infants and children. Read about the signs of hearing loss in infants and toddlers for information about hearing loss and young children.
  • What can an Audiologist tell from a hearing test?
    During a hearing test, an audiologist can obtain valuable insights into your hearing health. They can determine the degree and type of hearing loss you may have, providing a clear picture of your hearing and ear health. This information can guide them in offering tailored treatment options or further referrals as necessary. Schedule a hearing test appointment with our Auckland audiologist today.
  • Can an Audiologist detect and diagnose ear problems?
    Audiologists are trained at detecting a variety of ear problems, including conditions such as ear infections, ear wax buildup, and more. Their expertise enables them to provide early detection and appropriate referrals to other specialists when required, ensuring comprehensive ear care. At our Auckland audiology clinic, we offer a wide range of audiology services to ensure that your ear health is expertly cared for.
  • What is the difference between an Audiometrist and an Audiologist?
    The distinction between an Audiometrist and an Audiologist lies in their qualifications and scope of practice. Audiologists in New Zealand hold a Master of Audiology degree or equivalent overseas qualification and possess in-depth training, allowing them to diagnose and treat a wide range of hearing and balance disorders. On the other hand, Audiometrists may have varying levels of training, which may not encompass the same comprehensive expertise as Audiologists. MNZAS Audiologists are Full Members of the New Zealand Audiological Society, the professional body for Audiologists and Audiometrists in New Zealand. They are able to access all funding options that you may be entitled to. MNZAS Audiologists maintain continual professional development to stay current.
  • Can an Audiologist manage Tinnitus?
    Yes, at our Auckland audiology clinic, we can indeed provide management and treatment options for tinnitus. While tinnitus may not always be "fixed" in the sense of a complete cure, Audiologists offer strategies and therapies to help individuals cope with and reduce the impact of tinnitus in their daily lives. These approaches may include education, sound therapy, and the use of specialised devices. Book your Tinnitus appointment with our audiologist today.
  • Can a GP refer you to an Audiologist?
    In many cases, your General Practitioner (GP) will refer you to an audiologist for a hearing assessment or further evaluation and treatment of hearing issues. We work closely with GPs and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, ensuring a collaborative approach so that you receive the appropriate care for your hearing health needs.
  • How much is a Hearing Test in New Zealand?
    The cost of a hearing test in New Zealand can vary depending on the audiology clinic and the specific services offered. Review our hearing test pricing for the specific tests and assessments you are after. Alternatively, feel free to contact our audiology clinic directly for accurate pricing details and any potential subsidies or funding options you might be entitled to.
  • What is the difference between a hearing specialist and an Audiologist?
    In many cases, the terms ‘hearing specialist’ and ‘audiologist’ are used interchangeably. ‘Audiologist’ is the correct or official term for ‘hearing specialist’ as we are specialists in hearing. However, audiologists deal with more than just hearing. We are experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating various ear-related issues. Refer to ‘What does an audiologist help with’ for more information on the role of an audiologist.
  • What Auckland regions do Family Hearing Centre serve?
    Whether you are looking for an Auckland audiologist in New Market, Blockhouse Bay, North Shore or other areas in Auckland, we welcome patients from all over Auckland and would gladly help you with your hearing needs.
  • Can an Audiologist clean ear wax?
    Yes, certain audiologists are skilled in performing ear wax removal. Your audiologists at Family Hearing Centre have completed the training to safely and confidently remove ear wax. They employ safe and effective methods, such as micro-suction or instrumentation, to remove excess ear wax, contributing to improved hearing and ear health. Book an audiologist appointment to get your ear wax removed today.
Digital Payment

Payment Options for Auckland Audiology

At Family Hearing Centre, we are dedicated to providing high-quality audiology services to our patients in Auckland. We understand the importance of accessible healthcare, and that's why we offer a variety of payment options to make your experience at our audiology clinic in Auckland as convenient as possible. Whether you require ACC support, have private insurance, or prefer other payment methods, we have you covered.

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We also work with the following:

Southern Cross Health Insurance
nib Insurance

If you have Southern Cross health insurance, we can make a claim on the spot. If you have nib health insurance, we can help you apply for pre-approval on your behalf. Just let one of our team know when booking your appointment with our trusted Auckland audiologists. 


Appointment costs may be fully or partially covered by Southern Cross health insurance. It's easy for you to claim instantly at the time of your appointment using the Southern Cross Easy Claims online portal.


Family Hearing Centre (Audiologist Auckland) Parking Map

To ensure we make your experience at our hearing and ear clinic in Auckland stress-free, we have 2 dedicated patient carparks as you enter the carpark at the rear of the building. 


We recommend entering ‘2 King Edward Ave’ into your GPS as access is via King Edward Ave. Off-street parking is also available on King Edward Ave. 


Between 10am to 4pm there is parking directly in front of the clinic on Manukau Road, by the bus stop.

Discover Trusted Audiology Services Across Auckland

Our Auckland Audiology Address:

371 Manukau Road

Auckland 1023

We welcome patients who are looking for a trusted audiologist from Blockhouse Bay, Newmarket, North Shore and throughout the Auckland region. Strategically located in central Auckland, our clinic is easily accessible to residents in diverse Auckland suburbs. 

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Caring for your hearing health is just a call or click away. Reach out to our Auckland audiology clinic today and take the first step towards better hearing. 


Either fill out the contact form, make an online booking with our Auckland audiologist or phone to speak to a member of our Auckland hearing and ear clinic. 

371 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023

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